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Video Guide/Walkthrough to Article 999’s CPD Templates (v1.5)

00:00 start

00:45 where to find the templates

03:50 logging cpd entries

09:29 the details (beginnings)

09:46 cpd log table – overview

10:18 printing or exporting to pdf your basic log

11:56 evidence list table – overview & printing/exporting

14:18 reflections table – overview and printing/exporting (use of the ‘extensions’ tab)

15:58 viewing and reviewing (not printing) – checking the word count of your reflections

17:49 how to display records within a specific date range and apply this range to the tables you want to print/export

19:16 the calendar

19:48 nqp learning outcome table – checking/adding/editing/printing/exporting/another way of logging

22:38 development goals table – adding/editing/printing/exporting/another way of logging

23:37 skill log – adding/editing/printing/exporting/using the calendar/another way of logging

24:20 hcpc standards of proficiency 2023 – checking/adding/editing/printing/exporting/another way of logging

27:00 additional features – visual data

27:45 additional free support – details. Note: Teams 1:1 support is now a paid service of a one-off fee, set at £15. Support for customisation to ensure the template meets Trust requirements will continue to be offered for free.

Head here for the links.

Not convinced? Have a look at 10 reasons to use the templates.

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