Clinical Mentors

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could contact named individuals who have worked in a variety of clinical specialities and are willing to provide career and course advice?

We think so. That’s why Article 999 now has its own Clinical Mentors. These mentors are volunteering their time to answer your questions – so it’s not necessarily ‘about who you (already) know’ and you shouldn’t have to wait indefinitely for a stranger to point you in the right direction. Our profession as Paramedics is diverging, developing more specialised roles that seem to be sticking around. We don’t yet have defined pathways to take us to these roles, and every pathway and role varies depending on your employer. So, what options are out there? What inspiration could you gain from others? Which courses are worthwhile and which order should you complete them in? What is it like, day-to-day to work in your prospective area? Is there a way of keeping up clinical skills, or having some personal admin time; is there a balance? If these questions are in your mind then reach out to the mentors featured here. And if you’d like to help others, reach out to us.

The Mentors

Lloyd McCarthy

EIV Specialist Paramedic

During my time in the British Army, I was employed as a combat medical technician (CMT). My 5 years of service consisted of operational tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and providing primary healthcare in Kenya. Following my service, I studied Paramedic Science at Bournemouth University. I gained HCPC registration and worked as a front-line paramedic with SECAMB and EEAST NHS trusts. I currently work as a specialist paramedic with the CLCH NHS trust unplanned care team. I gained my MSc in Emergency and Resuscitation Medicine with Queen Mary University of London and recently completed my Non-Medical Prescribing course with Hertfordshire University.  

I am available to offer guidance on the following:

  • Combat Medicine
  • Specialist Paramedic routes
  • MSC options
  • Non-Medical prescribing course options

All emails to Article 999 with ‘FAO: Lloyd’ will be forwarded to Lloyd.

Louise Sopher

Paramedic, Resus Practitioner, ALS Instructor, Article 999 Founder & Content Lead

I joined EEAST in 2014 and have been a registered Paramedic for over 5 years. I am now also a Resuscitation Practitioner and am currently utilising one day of each week on a variety of bank and agency contracts, including frontline work, to vary my clinical exposure, develop, and to avoid repetition.

I have begun gaining masters modules from different universities, picking those most relevant to work, including the minor illness and injury module from Cumbria University. Mentoring wise, I am a Paramedic Practice Educator and a PHEM Feedback Facilitator. I hold a level 3 teaching certificate, level 6 mentoring module, and I am working towards level 7 credits as a life support instructor. This is effectively a top-up from the Resuscitation Council Generic Instructor Course. I am regularly teaching ILS and ALS courses.

I am available to offer guidance on the following:

  • CPD – and Article 999’s CPD templates
  • Things to be aware of when going part-time and bank for the NHS
  • The Resus Officer/Practitioner and ALS Instructor role
  • Level 7 modules

Email me:

Position Open: Clinical Mentor

Critical Care? Primary Care? Advanced Paramedic in A&E? ACCP? Palliative care? Mental health? Forensics? Flight?

Whatever it is you do, if you are working in a specific field and would like to be available to respond to emails or messages from those seeking advice, simply email Louise. Let me know what your experience is and whether you have any mentoring/teaching qualifications.

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