CPD Templates for Paramedics and NQPs

I’ve created CPD templates to help Paramedics and NQPs. These were recently shared by the College of Paramedics (June 2022).


The template CPD log is free to use with the free version of the Airtable website or mobile app. Head to https://airtable.com/ to set up your account.

The template portfolio is free via the Microsoft OneNote program or app, which should be pre-installed on your Windows 10 computer or available for download from the Microsoft Store, and Android and Iphone App stores. Not sure if you have it? Click here for more info. If you don’t have or want it, you can still access the template and copy the format into your preferred note application. I’d recommend using an application that allows you to drag and drop pages under a category.

Where to Find the Templates

CPD Logs

If you are an HCPC-Registered Paramedic post-NQP, click here

If you are an NQP, click here

The templates are the same with the exception of an additional section for NQPs to tick off their learning outcomes. These learning outcomes are based on the current version of EEAST’s porfolio, so do check your local Trust’s NQP portfolio as they may vary.

CPD Portfolio

Click here

Why Are There Two?

The portfolio contains sections for you to add:

  • A 500 word summary of your practice
  • A 1,500 word supporting document
  • Supporting evidence – *you can use the print function in your Airtable CPD list to print a contents page of your evidence
  • Optional detailed reflections

It also contains a reminder for where to insert your CPD log and how much of it to include, file printouts of the HCPC CPD information for registrants, the HCPC document on how to complete your CPD portfolio, and a link to Vince Clarke’s short ebook on what’s required of you when completing your CPD portfolio, available on the College of Paramedics website. My portfolio and CPD list follow the advice in these documents.

Need Help Setting This Up Or Have Technical Issues?

No problem. Please email article999uk[at]gmail[dot]com and I’ll be in touch! You can also message me via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


  • Louise Sopher is a Paramedic, Resuscitation Practitioner, and Resuscitation Council ALS Instructor based in Hertfordshire. She has been a registered Paramedic for over 5 years. She is the founder of Article 999.