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New Resource for Patients: Find Support and Befriending Services, Information, Tools, Equipment, Food Banks and More

Welcome to a brand new resource containing a searchable collection of charities and companies providing support, information, tools, equipment, food banks and more! Categorised by health condition, circumstance or age group and available for all patients in the UK, we hope you can find useful preventative and supportive help when you need it. This is also available for health-care professionals looking for referral tools and CPD.

The information below has been collated by Article 999’s Founder Louise, along with some help from contributors. Within each category are charities or companies that provide services or equipment that can help you. Please see the ‘date added’ to be certain how up-to-date the information is. Please add comments below, like, and share to let us know what you think and if there are any other charities you would like to see listed here.

This information will be added to. Article 999 is currently not endorsed by any of the charities or companies listed below. If you are a charity and would like to see your posters beside your information, or if you would have any queries, please get in touch by emailing article999uk[at]gmail[dot]com.

HCPs, please do share this with your patients and use the information to enhance your referrals. Some entries below include CPD links for you as well as information for your patients.

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