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Free Template CPD Log for HCPC Paramedics and NQPs

Free CPD Log Template – All you need is a free Airtable account. You can then copy and paste this ‘base’ into your own account, and make it your own.

Update Jan 2023: Please head here for the most up-to-date information. The latest version of the templates is v1.5 (published in August 2022), and is also available via the links below.

If you are using an older version of the templates and wish to update yours, please contact me for free support, attaching a screenshot of your version number (or the top-left corner of your template if there is no version number). Happy to help.

This is a template log to help you meet your CPD and audit requirements. If you set up your own Airtable account, you can copy the ‘base’ (the whole thing) to your own account and then make it your own.

NQPS – If you are an NQP, follow this link instead. The NQP CPD log contains a list of learning outcomes so that you can match your evidence to them. It also contains additional tips throughout the reflection fields to ensure you are meeting the requirements. Do check the learning outcomes are the same for your own Trust’s version of the NQP portfolio though. (For EEAST staff, this should meet your needs**).

​Both bases should meet the requirements for a free Airtable account, which means that unless Airtable change what we can do with free accounts, this should be free forever. More importantly, unlike with my alternative CPD log in MS Access, you can continue adding to your CPD log via an online form or the Airtable app.

​You will now see multiple tables on the left-hand side: detailed CPD log, short CPD log, reflections, and evidence list. The detailed one contains all fields and must be used in combination with the Page Designer on the right-hand side. The short CPD log contains minimal information but you can click on the table, then go to print view, and print this simple list of your CPD activities.

​You could then choose to use this short log in combination with the evidence log – which is effectively a contents page of the evidence you have attached, with their relevant page numbers. These page numbers should link to the order of your portfolio, and your evidence should be written about in your statement. The reflections show all entries that have reflective entries. Feel free to experiment with print views until you have found a way that works for you.

Combine this with a template portfolio

Don’t forget, there is also a template portfolio to help you meet all other aspects of the HCPC requirements – specifically the statements – follow this link for that.

Why it’s useful:

I’ve designed the ‘Add CPD’ form to allow all relevant info to be added in the same place. No one likes multiple different forms.

Categories are colour coded. Fields are optional – add as much or as little info as you want
The optional reflection fields expand if you enter something in ‘Reflection – What’
Tick the HCPC Standards that your CPD entries need to meet.

Many other CPD templates insist on asking us to tick all five standards for every entry we submit. I don’t see the need for this. Here are the summarised HCPC standards and my reasoning for adding (or not adding) them to this form:
  1. Maintain an up-to-date log of activities – we do this every time we fill in the form, and we’ll refer to it in the statement that accompanies the log. There is no need to tick a box about it every time we submit an entry.
  2. Complete a mixture of learning activities related to our practice – This should be discussed in the statement that accompanies our CPD log. It should also be demonstrated when we select a variety of categories in our entries
  3. Ensure CPD contributes to quality of practice and service delivery – This one is a good reminder for each CPD entry, so is included in the form above.
  4. Ensure CPD benefits the service user – Likewise here.
  5. Present a written profile – Met by completing the profile that accompanies the log. More guidance here.

Reference: HCPC Standards

Need more reasons? Keep Scrolling:

You can add additional information such as a page number that refers to your portfolio of evidence, a reference, and your own development goals. These may help you to focus your CPD on key areas and to find related information at a later date. It’s also important to categorise your CPD so that the HCPC can see you are varying your learning. Update Jan 2023: The latest version of the templates (Aug 2022 – v1.5) looks a little different to this but should print better. Check it out and let me know what you think.

The print options are also versatile. You can choose to print one CPD entry per page, with all accompanying information present. Alternatively, you could print a list of any CPD that has accompanying evidence (above)… Update Jan 2023: Printing is now a little different in v1.5 (Aug 2022) and there is guidance on this within the template. I recommend printing a summarised CPD log, followed by an evidence list (including thumbnails of attachments), reflection log, and any additional pages such as your development goals.
… and a basic list of your CPD activities…
...and all the entries that are accompanied by reflections…
….and all of the above can be filtered according to a date range so that you only export/print recent activities. Remember, in Microsoft you can change your printer to ‘print to PDF’ if you only need an electronic export of these files.

Most importantly, the template is free for as long as Airtable allow us to have free accounts. Update Jan 2023: Airtable say they do not envisage this disappearing. Yay!

Here’s the link again:

Let me know what you think!

Not sure, or want newer content to read? Have a look at this:

*Article 999/Louise Sopher is not endorsed by Airtable and merely uses the free account to make awesome tools like these.

**We are not endorsed by any ambulance Trust and are not paid to create or promote this material.

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