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I-Gel: Why, What, When, How?

Over the coming weeks and months, Article 999 aims to build a video library of skills and equipment, and in the future, scenarios. The aims are to make it easier for all operational staff to access refreshers or aid their training, while also enabling students to learn how to find and use equipment.

These videos should add to a resource that provides information that is easy to find and quick to learn from. Importantly, all of our videos have been produced based on publicly available information that is referenced, and all of them have been created by and for operational staff in the UK.

Feedback is welcome. As with all of our content, please remember to check local guidelines and read our full disclaimer before putting into place anything you see or read here.

Presenting one of our videos, I Gel: Why, What, When, How?



This video has been reviewed by one or more individuals. No drastic changes have been suggested but improvements will be made to future videos. Let us know if you have any feedback in the comments below.

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