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Cheat Sheets: Scene Overview

Scene Overview

Harris, 2016; Pilbery & Lethbridge, 2016 *This can be made available in alternative formats & colours on request*

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Harris, 2016; Pilbery & Lethbridge, 2016 *This can be made available in alternative formats & colours on request

You may find varying suggestions for what to consider in what is usually referred to as your ‘scene assessment’ (Harris, 2016: 1; Pilbery & Lethbridge, 2016: 126) or ‘end of bed […] assessment’ (Spurr, 2014). This is a cheat sheet to assist you in identifying these important factors. There are a few examples within each category, forming part of what is surely an endless list. Harris (2016: 1-3) also recommends considering use of PPE, considering vehicle position, and considering CBRNE incidents. Pilbery & Lethbridge (2016: 127) recommend considering outside/inside temperature, terrain that is not reachable by land ambulance, and referring to major incident guides where applicable. Major incidents are not covered within this cheat sheet, but this sheet may guide you through the initial thought process prior to announcing a major incident…

Final Note & References

This is a cheat sheet which is designed to complement your scene assessment. This cheat sheet is in the author’s own words but ideas have been used from the below texts. Any copies of the above cheat sheets should be paired with the below references.

Harris, G. 2016. ‘General principles of assessment’ in A.Y. Blaber and G. Harris, ed. 2016. Assessment Skills for Paramedics, 2nd ed. Berkshire: Open University Press, pp. 1-13

Pilbery, R. and Lethbridge, K. 2016. Ambulance Care Practice, Bridgwater: Class Professional Publishing

Spurr, J. 2014. End-of-Bedogram: The Art Formally Known as Intuition, Available Online: (Accessed 26/03/18)

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