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We interrupt these licensed images posts with…

Article 999, being a website designed to provide reasonably trustworthy answers to paramedic/EMT questions, along with fast facts and a soon to be launched video library, normally abides by the academic, very legal, I’m-spending-far-too-much-a-month-on-good-design-and-royalty-free-photos, but not today. Today, we bring you an incredibly useful alternative to the Wong-Baker FACES pain scale (Wong-Baker Faces, 2016), the ‘highly unofficial LEGO Pain Assessment Chart’ by Life of Dad (Moles, 2014).

Perhaps otherwise known as a gentle criticism to the Wong-Baker (2016) scale, I thought Article 999’s image collection would go amiss without this attractive alternative:

More Proof That Everything is Better With LEGO.


If you want to find this scale on the go, simply type in Article 999’s search box, FACES, pain scale, or Lego. Go ahead, try it*


*Obviously not endorsed by any organisation. The image’s usefulness is judged by this paramedic alone.



Moles, Jason (2014) More Proof that Everything is Better with Lego, Available Online: (Accessed 09/09/2017)

Wong-Baker FACES (2016) Wong-Baker FACES Foundation, Available Online: (Accessed 09/09/2017)

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