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Category: CPD

Tell me about the treatment of ischaemic CVAs

These are usually treated with thrombolysis using IV alteplase within 4.5 hours from symptom onset and after a CT scan and diagnosis, but there are new tests and treatments coming out and many other factors to consider. <>

Tell me about ischaemic CVAs

These are strokes that are caused by a blockage in the blood flow to the brain. They may be treated with thrombolysis if not contra-indicated. <>

What sizes of cannulas are there?

The largest number is the smallest cannula. Cannulas range from the 26g purple to the 14g orange. As a list: - 26g purple - 24g yellow - 22g Blue - 20g Red - 18g Green - 16g Grey - 14g Orange

When can you say an adult lacks capacity?

If the person cannot: ‘understand the information relevant to the decision’ ‘retain that information’ Remember, the person only needs to retain this information long enough to decide ‘use or weigh […]

What is the definition of trauma?

‘Trauma is the acute physiological and structural change that occurs in a patient’s body when an external source of energy dissipates faster than the body’s ability to sustain and dissipate […]

When do you use an NPA?

Or: When do you use a nasopharygeal airway? ‘…in the presence of trismus, an intact gag reflex, or oral trauma’ (Gregory & Mursell, 2010: 7) Gregory, P. and Mursell, I. […]