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On-Water Rescue Breaths for Divers – Worth it?

We all know the drowning protocol - 5 initial rescue breaths, followed by 30: 2, but do we know how many rescue breaths are advised for in-water resus (on the surface)? Should we even be doing in-water resus? Let's take a look at the evidence.

Video – Burns: The Practical Stuff

This video demonstrates the assessment and management of burns, using equipment that is recommended within the locality at the time of production. Remember to check your local, current guidelines before putting anything into practice. Produced by HCPs and students.

Should Patients Take Caffeine-Containing Analgesics?

Many of our patients have high temperatures, especially during COVID outbreaks. Some of them are taking over the counter pain relief as required. This is of course recommended, however many of our patients are also tachycardic due at least in part to their high temperatures. When they complain of palpitations, do they need to be aware of the effects of caffeine-paracetamol combinations? Should they be taking this combination at all, or should they simply ease off dietary sources of caffeine while taking analgesics? Here are a few quotes on the subject. Full references are below.