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Category: Clinical

The Case of Anna Bagenholm

In 1999, Anna Bagenholm survived a cardiac arrest after a prolonged down-time and a temperature of just 13.7c. The circumstances of her survival continue to make international news and to inform and inspire research about target temperature management. But does her survival mean we should target hypothermia in cardiac arrest patients? Should we target hypothermia in ROSC? Let's have a look at the case and the research that has followed...

Video – Burns: The Practical Stuff

This video demonstrates the assessment and management of burns, using equipment that is recommended within the locality at the time of production. Remember to check your local, current guidelines before putting anything into practice. Produced by HCPs and students.

PARAMEDIC-2 Trial Results

  ‘For more than 50 years, treatment strategies have included the use of various drugs, but there is limited evidence that such treatments are effective’ (Perkins et al, 2018). Now […]

Cheat Sheets: Scene Overview

You may find varying suggestions for what to consider in what is usually referred to as your 'scene assessment' (Harris, 2016: 1; Pilbery & Lethbridge, 2016: 126) or 'end of bed [...] assessment' (Spurr, 2014). This is a cheat sheet to assist you in identifying these important factors.