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Article 999 Founder Published in Paramedic INSIGHT Magazine, Sep 2022: Functional Neurological Disorder – A Patient’s Experiences; A Paramedic’s Perspective

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of speaking with a patient with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND). Ailsa reached out to the College of Paramedics after experiencing an unsettling mixture of treatment by healthcare professionals in a variety of settings. She hopes to encourage healthcare clinicians to learn more about her condition, a functional neurological disorder. Our understanding of this group of conditions is currently being reshaped, so I agree it is another area in which we must stay up-to-date.

The publication of this post on Article 999 comes at a timely moment as just two days ago I read here that a study published in Epilepsy and Behaviour has documented MRI changes in patients with functional seizures. This furthers the point that what science and medicine thought it knew about this – and perhaps other conditions – while not fiction, is also not yet fact.

Members of the College of Paramedics can read the published article in last month’s issue of Paramedic INSIGHT or online here.

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