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How do you answer a question when there are five different answers as you go around the crew room asking? How do you answer a question when the answers you find are relevant to guidelines in other countries, to doctors, or are outdated?

Google, the NICE website and the JRCalc are all gems among the resources of ambulance staff but only one of them is geared up specifically for us and even that doesn’t always have everything we need to answer a question. It’s hard to find an easy to find, directly relevant simple answer.

Article 999 aims to fill this gap. We are currently for all operational staff and are filling up with content.


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About Article 999: Detail

I am a UK newly qualified paramedic who is frustrated by the lack of easy to find, directly relevant resources available within the UK for all operational staff.

How do you answer a question when there are five different answers as you go around the crew room asking? How do you answer a question when the answers you find are relevant to guidelines in other countries, to doctors, or are outdated? How do you answer a question when there is more than one answer within the same locality? Learning could be made a lot easier. So could revision.

Google may be geared up for Q&As but not specifically for ambulance staff, and certainly not for UK-based ambulance guidelines.

The NICE website is a gem among the resources of NHS staff, but even that does not always provide the exact, easy to find answer.

The JRCALC is great but it can never have everything. Neither can our clinical manuals. How many times have you as a student wished you knew how something worked sooner but it just took so long to come across it and have someone there to tell you, ‘by the way, this is what this does.’

And it’s not in the books.

How many times have you as a qualified member of staff wanted to refresh yourself on a piece of equipment but no matter how many times you play with it you still don’t know as much as you want to know about it?

And again, it’s not in the books.

Article 999 is for simple questions and simple answers, with the option to read, watch or listen more if you wish. We are for all operational staff. We’re filling up with content and with content formats.

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Article 999 was originally called Pop Up Ambo.



The information published on Article 999 has been accumulated by a newly qualified paramedic, with occasional contributions from student doctors and registered professionals from other medical professions. Where any opinions exist, they are the opinions of this paramedic alone and do not represent the views of the content that has been quoted or summarised, the NHS or any Ambulance Service. Before putting into practice any theory or practical advice or anything shown in the videos, you must assess the individual situation to see if such advice, instruction or demonstration applies or if there are features of the patient’s situation that call for other methods or measures. Article 999 envisages producing only materials which are referenced to a publicly available source, be it an equipment manual, a textbook or another reputable source. However, your actions should be guided by your assessment, training, guidelines and where necessary the equipment manufacturer’s materials and advice.

Students are welcome to re-use references from Article 999, which are published in a Harvard format. Please remember that human error in these references may exist.

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The individual behind the creation of Article 999 is Louise Sopher, an HCPC registered Newly Qualified Paramedic. The work has been produced with the knowledge of some individuals within the trust this paramedic works for, however none of the work produced here or on any of Article 999’s current and future sister sites is endorsed by the trust. All contributors to Article 999 are named in the author section of the articles they have written. The same statements written here apply to those individuals, whichever organisation(s) they represent.

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