I-Gel: Why, What, When, How?

An Article 999 video produced by paramedics for operational staff, explaining the why, what and when of I-Gels and demonstrating how to insert them. This video has been referenced accordingly and will be peer reviewed. A shorter version of the video will be uploaded soon. This video has not been endorsed by any organisation, author or ambulance trust. You must refer to local guidelines and read Article 999's full disclaimer, available at www.article999.co.uk/about/ (disclaimer tab), before putting into place anything you see or read here.

A useful 'nice to know' fast fact. Something to bear in mind during reflection on, or even during the history taking of teenage patients?

Remember the Red Book

The Red Book is a useful document to take to hospital with a child and their parent(s) (Newell & Darling, 2014: 9).

No SOB, No DIB, But It Is Still Pneumonia

Sometimes, children might present with pyrexia and symptoms that don't suggest they have a chest infection. Don't rule out pneumonia in a poorly child who isn't complaining of chesty symptoms - they may have it.