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Template CPD Log – Changelog

01/07/2022 – v1.4 has now been released; see update details on here soon. For more info, head to the post about v1.4.

A number of updates have been made to the CPD log templates recently which, if you have saved an earlier version, will not be reflected in your versions. If you have not begun using the templates, please copy the relevant new version. If you are using an older version, you may simply need to change some settings to help you when it comes to printing your templates. Remember, if you are having any technical issues, you can email me at article999uk[at]gmail[dot]com.

Let’s have a look at what’s been changed for both NQPs and Post-NQPs:

  • The order of tables on the left-hand side has been adjusted for clarity. It now looks like this:

What do all of those mean?

  1. Add CPD is the form you should use to add new entries. Just click on the tab, then click ‘open form’.
  2. 3 options for printing:
    1. Detailed CPD List shows every field in your CPD log, including the full names of NQP learning outcomes, if you’re using the NQP template. Print using the Page Designer extension (right-hand-side). This shows every record, too.
    2. Detailed List in Date Range… is the same, but with date filters applied; you can use this table to search for entries within a specific date range, e.g. the current HCPC registration period if you’re audited. Print using the Page Designer extension (right-hand-side).
    3. Or Short CPD List shows only the basics of your CPD log. You can print this as a table view from this option:

If you choose to print the short CPD list, you should also print the Evidence List and Reflections separately.

3) Calendar – This shows all your entries in a calendar view, which is a great way of checking when you’ve done CPD and whether you have left gaps of more than 3 months (which you really shouldn’t do).

What else is new?

  • A new ‘Development Goals’ table has been added. This replaces the field in your CPD log where you could previously add goals. Instead, you can now choose to add:
    • The development goal itself
    • The date you created this goal or started working towards it.
    • The date you completed working on this goal (leave blank if it’s an ongoing goal).
    • Reasoning – You could choose to write about feedback you have received that has led you to start improving a specific skill, or a job you have been to that led to you identifying an area of improvement, or you could answer questions relating to SMART goals.
    • Optional Uploads – You can choose to upload anything relevant to your reasoning, for example written feedback, or other goal-setting sheets you have completed.
    • Status – Here, you can tag a goal as todo, in progress, or completed.
  • You can print the development goal table. It should look something like this:

What else has been changed?

For NQPs:

  • Your template previously had a long field containing the names of the NQP learning outcomes, then a separate field containing the number of the learning outcome, e.g. A1a. This was causing issues with printing as the long names would run off the page. To solve this, I have hidden the field with the long names in your CPD list. The learning outcome number is still there. I would recommend printing the long list of learning outcomes separately, like a key. It should look something like this:

So now your short CPD list will look something like this, with the reference number only:

Help: I’ve already started using the templates, but I want these updates. What do I do?

No worries. These are relatively minor changes. Here’s how you can make these changes:

  1. See the four squares on the corner of Detailed CPD List? Click and drag to change the order of the tables as you see fit.
  2. NQPs – in your Short CPD List, your Evidence List, and your Reflections, check the NQP Learning Outcomes option is hidden:

3) NQPs – In your NQP Learning Outcomes table, hide or unhide the CPD log field – hiding is good for printing. Unhiding is good as a way of checking how many learning outcomes you have matched to your CPD entries:

4) For all – if you want to set up a Development Goals table to replace the current development goals field and enable you to print more details about your development goals, you can do so. However, this element is a little more complicated, so if you would like some help to do this then I would suggest emailing me or sending me a message via the Article999uk Facebook or Instagram pages.

That’s it? How do I print it all then?

More info on printing, and more general instructions are coming soon 🙂


  • Louise Sopher is a Paramedic, Resuscitation Practitioner, and Resuscitation Council ALS Instructor based in Hertfordshire. She has been a registered Paramedic for over 5 years. She is the founder of Article 999.

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