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Category: CPD

Remember the Red Book

The Red Book is a useful document to take to hospital with a child and their parent(s) (Newell & Darling, 2014: 9).

The NEWS Score

According to Shaw et al's study (2017), patients whose conditions were deemed more serious in hospital had arrived with higher NEWS scores. The score for each patient was created from prehospital observations & so could be used to predict patient risk.

What are the main sections used for?

The various parts of the law applicable to mental health sectioning are Section 2, 3, 4, 5, 135 and 136 but Community Treatment Orders also enable sectioning. These allow for durations of 6 hours, 72 hours, 28 days or 6 months, depending on the type of section. Read more to find out which types provide those durations...

What is a section?

A sectioning order is legislation powers given to health care professionals and police officers under the Mental Health Act's of 1983 and 2007 that allow for compulsory admission of an individual to hospital or a place of safety.

Who can enforce a sectioning order?

Nurses, doctors, police officers and mental health professionals whose requests are approved by police officers all have sectioning powers. Their powers vary in accordance with the law. The type of section they can place also varies between them. Paramedics do not have sectioning powers. Read more...