Tell me about ischaemic CVAs

These are strokes that are caused by a blockage in the blood flow to the brain. They may be treated with thrombolysis if not contra-indicated. <>

What sizes of cannulas are there?

The largest number is the smallest cannula. Cannulas range from the 26g purple to the 14g orange. As a list: - 26g purple - 24g yellow - 22g Blue - 20g Red - 18g Green - 16g Grey - 14g Orange

When can you say an adult lacks capacity?

If the person cannot: ‘understand the information relevant to the decision’ ‘retain that information’ Remember, the person only needs to retain this information long enough to decide ‘use or weigh […]

What is the definition of trauma?

‘Trauma is the acute physiological and structural change that occurs in a patient’s body when an external source of energy dissipates faster than the body’s ability to sustain and dissipate […]

When do you use an NPA?

Or: When do you use a nasopharygeal airway? ‘…in the presence of trismus, an intact gag reflex, or oral trauma’ (Gregory & Mursell, 2010: 7) Gregory, P. and Mursell, I. […]

Where are most airway obstructions?

These ‘may occur at any level from the nose to the trachea’ but are commonly found ‘at the level of the pharynx’ (Gregory & Mursell, 2010: 2) Next: Find out […]

What causes airway obstruction?

‘posterior displacement of the tongue caused by reduced muscle tone’ ‘soft palate and the epiglottis’ vomit blood ‘swelling of the airway (e.g. anaphylaxis)’ ‘foreign body’ ‘laryngeal spasm’ (Gregory & Mursell, […]