What To Do When You Fall Over, Aged 65+

This is a video for adult patients aged 65+ on what to do when you fall over. This video also contains information on what to do if you get worse before or after an ambulance attendance.

Vitamin D Deficiency Government Review

A six week review begins today (03/04/2022) to produce evidence for ways to reduce vitamin d deficiencies and health inequalities in the UK. Click the photo or link to read more on the GovUK website. -- Health News

On-Water Rescue Breaths for Divers – Worth it?

We all know the drowning protocol - 5 initial rescue breaths, followed by 30: 2, but do we know how many rescue breaths are advised for in-water resus (on the surface)? Should we even be doing in-water resus? Let's take a look at the evidence.